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Every lesson with Karen was a real pleasure. She is easily the best voice teacher I’ve ever had.

Karen is so knowledgeable about the voice. It is amazing. She has helped me make monumental adjustments to my instrument and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her. She creates a safe and positive learning environment. She understands musical theater singing, classical singing, belting, and mixing. She can do it all. She gives me notes that I am able to take away with me and work on at home. She appreciates improvement and hard work. She is a hard worker herself and cares about answering her students’ questions and giving them tools they need in order to make different vocal choice and adjust to director’s notes.

I stand by the statement that I’ve made more progress with Karen in a shorter amount of time than I have with any other voice teacher. Every lesson is efficient in breaking my habits, expanding my range, and learning new ways to make my vocal technique even better. Karen is great at doing everything in her power to have you meet your goals. She has multiple ways of communicating points, and when she doesn’t know a solution to a problem, she knows where to obtain the information. Karen’s educational abilities are something to marvel.

Wow. I have never had such a knowledgeable, helpful and approachable voice teacher. Karen really knows what she is talking about, and has a knack for communicating it effectively. She is an amazing addition to our department and each and every lesson surprises me. Thanks Karen!!!!!

She is an incredibly knowledgeable and proficient teacher. Her whole approach is fantastic starting with learning about and understanding the students and what he/she personally hopes to achieve as this leads into physiological and technical enlightenment. The student learns of the truly boundless potential of the voice, which is as inspiring as it is efficient.


Karen is a huge asset to this department. I have improved exponentially. The theater department needs to keep her forever.

Karen Hall is one of the best decisions the theatre department has ever made. She is extremely knowledgeable about the voice and is able to communicate effectively. My voice has improved a lot because of her and more importantly I understand my voice much better. She is a wonderful person and is very comfortable to be around. She has high expectations, which makes me want to work harder. She is a wonderful person and a wonderful voice teacher.

Karen is the best voice teacher I have had in many years, let alone the best vocal teacher to have entered the Musical Theater program at this school. She treats every student with respect, creates growth in students’ voices within weeks and has patience. She is a genius addition to this program, and I don’t doubt that she will help make this program rise in reputation and standard.

Thank you for hiring Karen Hall! She is incredible. She has such an extreme knowledge of the voice, that I felt completely safe in her hands. Her technical exercises have improved all of my weak points, and she is wonderful with working songs. Karen is one of the greatest assets of the theatre department.

I felt that I grew as a singer in so many ways this semester. Not only was I more self-aware of my own talent level, but I was able to figure out what I specifically needed to work on technically, as opposed to just thinking “Wow, I’m a terrible singer” all the time. I now really know exactly what I need to work on, and have been given the tools to fix these issues as I move forward. I became much more confident in the material that I was performing in class, and much more confident as a performer in general, just knowing that I was doing all I could to fix my technical problems.

Karen was an extremely open, caring teacher. She was genuine in everything she said, and was more than accommodating when it came to scheduling lessons. I really felt like Karen cared about me as a person, and not just as a singer. She was very concerned about my health, and always listened to any questions I had or any problems I had in my outside life. Honestly, though, she is the best voice teacher I’ve ever had.


Karen gave me a better understanding of my voice. She was able to provide me with the mechanics about my voice rather than abstract concepts. What I learned from Karen in one semester was greater then anything I learned from any voice teacher I’ve ever had.


Karen is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she teaches, that as a student can’t help but be excited to take lessons with her. She cares about each of her students and puts a lot of effort into making our learning experiences individualized. I love how we set goals with each other at the beginning of the semester. This way we were both on the same page and continually worked towards those goals. She is extremely clear when it comes to giving corrections as well as when she is teaching new concepts. Thanks to her my vocal development has come along significantly and I have learned so much. Not only is she a wonderful teacher, but also she is an incredible example as a singer and person in the “business.” I strongly recommend this teacher; she has made a positive impact on my college experience and me and likely does so to everyone else she teaches. I am honored and thankful to have worked with Karen.


What a great semester. Your ability to articulate exactly what you mean makes lessons much more efficient. Your positive, energetic spirit makes singing more fun than it already is and creates an atmosphere in which I feel totally comfortable to talk about of sing anything. Can’t wait for next semester!


I can honestly say I have enjoyed Karen’s class to the fullest extent. Coming from a background of lackluster voice instructors who were never clear about their techniques, I find this class to be clear and constructive. She takes time to explain things thoroughly and furthermore, what I truly appreciate, she keeps mentioning these things throughout the lesson to make sure they make sense. I know Karen takes great pride in her work and that fact keeps me working jut as hard as she does. It’s wonderful to have a teacher who not only loves what they do but also gets excited when you show even a glimpse of what she feels. I have never walked out of her class feeling defeated, yet more capable in my art. I am so excited for next semester!

Karen, I love you so much! I felt like I have grown significantly this semester, largely due to my study with you. Your kindness and enthusiasm make every lesson a positive experience.

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